26 Nov 2015

Judge Deep Pie Maker Review

Judge Deep Pie Maker

It's that time of the year again! Cold, windy, rainy, Christmas is on the horizon, so let's stop for a warm comforting pie using the Judge Deep Pie Maker which will make a lovely homely gift.

Here at Kitchen Delights we love pies and it doesn't matter if it's a savoury pie served with gravy or a sweet pie served with hubbies beloved Birds Custard!

Christmas Deep Filled Mincemeat Pie with homemade pastry which cooked brilliantly.....

Mincemeat Pie made in the Judge Deep Pie Maker

The plates are non-stick so no worries here with sticking.

Interior of the pie maker

The pie maker is supplied with a reversible pastry cutter for the base and lids.

Pastry template and pastry for the deep pie maker

The pies are deep and so I used a couple of narrow strips of baking parchment which I overlapped and this makes it far easier and safer to remove them from the pie maker when they are cooked and piping hot. Simply place the discs of pastry into the pie maker then add the filling.

Pies being assembled in the pie maker

Now top with the lids.

Pies with lids on ready to be cooked in the pie maker

No need to preheat simply close the lid and secure with the clip.  Turn on and when the green light comes on, which only takes 2/3 minutes, the pie will be cooked in approximately 15 minutes.

I was cautious with the filling because mincemeat easily escapes out of pastry cases.  With the pie maker though it's best to fill right to the top because the pie lid will struggle to bake if the filling sinks too far down into the pie cavities. It's best to use a cooked filling which is at room temperature otherwise it will take longer to bake the pastry.

Sadly I don't have a photograph of the finished mincemeat pies in the pie maker because somehow in my excitement to try the pies I forgot to take a photograph but you can see the finished pie showing the filling at the top of this page!

Now for testing with ready made shortcrust pastry which proved to be far easier to roll and manipulate, it saves heaps of preparation time too.

Mince beef pies made in a pie maker

The pies are lovely and crisp, they can easily be trimmed to make them look neat but I prefer a savoury pie to have a more rustic homely look.  The filling doesn't leak or dry up and they were delicious.

Easy to clean - when the appliance is cold wipe with a damp cloth.
Judge 2 year Electrical Guarantee
Typical Instore Price £37.50

Disclaimer: I was sent the product for review, all thoughts are my own.

14 Nov 2015

Traybake Chicken Dinner - Steam Combination Oven

Traybake Chicken Dinner

After a visit to Bridgnorth market there's nothing to beat a one tray roast chicken dinner and cooked in the steam combination oven it saves time and a load of washing up, the whole meal took approximately one hour to cook.

The potatoes take the longest and from freshly peeled they are tossed in oil, seasoned and added to the tray.  After 15 minutes I added the chicken legs, and then for the final 15 minutes the onions and carrots.  I cooked the sprouts in a pan before adding to the tray because to date I haven't experimented cooking these on the steam combination setting, these were also added to the tray for the last 15 minutes of cooking at 200ºC.

One Tray Chicken Dinner

The Good Food Show Winter in Birmingham is just around the corner, I don't know if there will be any demo's using these ovens but I wouldn't be without mine.

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3 Nov 2015

Review: Wünderlust @ The Big Red, London

Wonderlust @ The Big Red, London

The London reporter gets all Austrian on a big red London bus......

We love a good pop up restaurant here at Kitchen Delights and London is awash with them. It was with a lot of excitement that we recently checked out London's most exciting pop up of the moment - Wünderlust!

Set under the Docklands Light Railway in Deptford, there is a stationary big red London bus which until recently has been dishing out pizzas.

But as times change, so does the cuisine on the bus! Now the big red bus is showcasing British-Austrian cuisine - and what a combination it is.

As you enter the bus you’ll soon see a large area of undercover seating with heating so you can sit on the bus or under the wooden roof.

Inside @ The Big Red, London

After a really warm welcome, we kicked off with some cocktails and fizz. We enjoyed a lovely gin & honey cocktail which was very sweet and trendy. Our host told us the bar staff are working towards serving frozen style cocktails in which the honey will freeze on top and these will be a great talking point I'm sure.

Opening the menu
The menu is exciting and intriguing. Starters include beetroot and vodka-cured salmon, fennel and apple salad, Mersea Oysters and Mussels with cider and celery. We chose to share a whole baked Camembert, hot buttered toast (wow!) with a good smattering of chutney on the side. Absolutely fantastic.

Whole Baked Camembert

Then came out the wine. You can be really adventurous and choose an Austrian wine at thirty quid but we played it safe with a 2014 Ciello Bianco - an organic white wine at £20 which was okay but nothing to blow you away!

For mains we ordered a 49 day-aged flat iron steak with chard and triple cooked chips. I asked for medium rare and it was cooked to perfection. My vegetarian friend who was a little nervous that Austrian cuisine was equal to big slabs of meat was pleasantly surprised to see a veggie dog from the street food section which hit the spot.

Flat Iron Steak

What was so fantastic about the menu is that you can either choose from the more formal menu or go for street food style dishes in which you can order 3 for £15 which is a nice middle ground if you just fancy drinks and nibbles.

And for those with a sweet tooth
For pudding, they did really well again. A spiced autumn fruit crumble and custard as well as a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream.

We wish this place the best of luck and will definitely be recommending them as a destination for those looking to settle their Wünderlust (at least for a while).

Address: @ The Big Red. 30 Deptford Church St, London SE8 4RZ

Disclaimer: We were guests of Wünderlust, all thoughts are our own.